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Orchard CMS: Configuring distributed signals for web farms

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Firstly download the Webmoco.Orchard.Azure.DistributedSignals module.

Right now it can be found at: https://bitbucket.org/Webmoco/webmoco.orchard.azure.distributedsignals.

Add the module to the azure solution. Don’t forget to add the project and a reference to the project in Orchard.Azure.Web.

Create a new internal HTTP endpoint in the Orchard.Azure.Web role and call it ‘Triggers’.

The module looks for this endpoint. Once you have installed the module and deployed your site you can test the distributed triggers by going to the following URL on each server:


You will see the time that the server cached. If you refresh the page the time should not change. Make a note of the time on all the servers in your farm.

Hit ‘reset’ on one of the servers. It will now show the current time. When the other servers are refreshed, the cached times should be updated to the current time.

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