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Enterprise Software Development

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Enterprise software applications, or more simply, enterprise software, are computer systems that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of a particular organisation, such as a business, corporation, retailer, or a school or government department. The purpose of introducing enterprise software systems into an organisation or business is to facilitate the handing, storage, and use of data and business intelligence, as well as to integrate the various databases for ease of use.

Enterprise software systems can consist of a variety of applications, which when installed together form a complex and specialised system to assist your organisation and increase the efficiency of your business procedures and processes. 

Enterprise applications often serve purposes connected with the internal running of your business or organisation: software can function to assist with human resources data and management, or enterprise content management that might include the storing of accounting and administrative documents and information. Internal business software can also provide tools for project management, assisting with scheduling, budgeting, and the handling of resources, whilst enterprise applications can provide IT systems requisite for the scale and nature of your business.

Software and applications can also be developed for the customer or public facing side of your business or organisation – email marketing systems and customer relations management systems are commonly employed by businesses, as well as tools to enable the processing of online payments and automated billing systems with the necessary safety and security measures in place for consumers.

One increasingly popular area under development by businesses and organisations is mobile apps for smartphone users. The advantage of developing such apps is not only that it increases your organisation’s profile externally – it generates repeat buying and engenders customer loyalty as people simply download the app and use it time and again as a quick and easy method of finding the service they want; but also internally to give the relevant people in your organisation the correct data at the correct time.

The number of smartphone users in the UK continues to grow each year – in 2013 it is estimated that there were 30.9 million smartphone users, representing 48.4 per cent of all UK residents. By 2017 it is estimated by the website eMarketer that 80 per cent of all mobile phone users will possess a smartphone, representing 66 per cent of the total population.

Webmoco are a leading enterprise software company who can develop and engineer bespoke applications and software to improve the performance and efficiency of your business processes. Webmoco can provide software solutions ranging from e-commerce and marketing systems, to mobile apps and web design. The software systems will be developed by an expert team of business and technical analysts to ensure a quality package to suit your particular needs.

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