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Enterprise Integration

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Enterprise application integration means the sharing of data and intelligence from across the various departments and databases that make up your business or organisation, in order to ease the transfer of data and spread of business intelligence. 

If you your business or organisation possesses enterprise software systems you may find you have lots of different software applications, without any means by which you can share data between them for the purposes of analysis and assessment.

This is where integration systems and applications come in: they enable the separate software packages used for different departments and elements of your business to be fused and harmonised for more efficient and practical use. All in all, enterprise integration systems will streamline your business processes, and aid your staff when they need to harness and manipulate the data and information they need to improve their performance.

Enterprise integration applications can be introduced into your company or organisation in several different formats. Depending on why you need to integrate the systems, they can be linked at the database level, the application level or potentially create an overarching application that replaces your existing systems from your exployees' points-of-view, but still uses them in the background. 

There are benefits to be had at all levels, from efficiency gains and quality assurance from linking databases to greatly imporved business intelligence from linking applications.

Although not truely integration, data warehousing is a further option for enabling information integration: it involves the extraction of data from your existing systems in order to build a new, integrated, database that can provide extensive business intelligence. This is a case where the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts as trends and other emergent data becomes available from the warehouse. Additionally having a data warehouse makes extracting the data required for project and business analysis much easier, and comparison of information from different sources within your business much simpler to co-ordinate.

Webmoco are a leading software company and can provide you with a fully integrated system to optimise the performance of your business or organisation. The expert technicians and business analysts at Webmoco will take into account the particular requirements and nature of your business and provide an integrated digital solution to ease the management and flow of data within your business.

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