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Agile Web Development

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Developing a website is a demanding process within a fast-moving and challenging online landscape. It is often not enough these days to simply set out a plan of requirements and features at the start of a web-based project, build the website, and then go live and sit back and wait for the hits from users. 

Agile web development represents a different approach to building a website: it is based on the principles of flexibility, collaboration, evolution, and adapting to changes and feedback. By focusing on these concepts and principles, agile web development ensures the best and most effective web presence is developed for a business or organisation, both to generate hits and to ensure users are satisfied with the services they find on offer.

Agile development is characterised not by a single process or action but is a methodology and way of thinking carried out by a team of web developers. Having taken on a project to develop a website the process is based on constant collaboration within the development team and short-term aims with constant re-assessment of how well the website is coming along. Content, infographics, images, and SEO content are added and re-jigged, layouts tinkered with, banners and designs tweaked for maximum effect.

Throughout this process of agile development there is constant communication and meetings between members of team building the website and the client, and feedback from users and viewers of the site. The development is therefore continuous and the movement and growth towards the final version of the website can be witnessed.

As a client you will be part of the development process and your feedback and thoughts on how the website is progressing will be central to the final outcome.   

Webmoco provide an experienced agile web systems development service and possess experience beyond simple web design and development. The team of staff at Webmoco will co-ordinate and collaborate to develop the web presence of your company or organisation – there are business analysts to ensure your requirements are understood and assessed, technicians to build and structure the website, and staff focused on user-experience.

Making sure your website is well-developed can be an important part of your company branding and profile. Taking advantage of the agile systems development provided by Webmoco can generate new visitors to your website and attract new clients and boost revenue and profits. A well-crafted and user-responsive website that stands out from the crowd will signify to potential clients that you offer a serious, well-organised, and thoroughly professional service.        

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