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Responsive Web Design for mobile, tablet and desktop - Webmoco.com

by Tricia
Responsive web design brings your clients a richer, more engaging user experience

Forget mobilisation. Responsive web design is an emerging concept that takes mobilisation to a new level, that’s right at the cutting edge of web design and development. And naturally, at webmoco we’re already one step ahead.

Instead of designing separate websites for different devices, with responsive development businesses can have an intuitive ‘one size fits all’ website that adapts responsively to its environment, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop. At webmoco we’re trailblazing responsive web design to bring our clients a richer, more engaging user experience that maximises the potential of your online presence.

Responsive Design: Moving on from Mobilisation

With the mobile working and smartphone revolution, the number of devices, platforms and browsers used to access websites is accelerating at pace.

Mobilisation brought a wave of new web development requirements for a condensed browsing experience especially for mobile devices. This in itself pushed web development to exciting new boundaries, given the diversity of the tablet and smartphone market and its vast range of operating systems, platforms, screen sizes and functionalities.

While this introduced users to a new browsing experience, it was a short-lived solution. Responsive applications are the latest spin in the web and mobile design evolution which enables websites to adapt ‘responsively’ to suit the browsing device, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop. With a responsive template and responsive design grid, a single site can adapt responsively to the cross-device browsing environment right down to page structure, image size and resolution. In essence, it responds to the user - automatically adjusting to the touch capabilities and rotation of the device they’re using.

Responsive web design is made possible through a combination of fluid grids, flexible imagery and intelligent mark-up utilising responsive CSS and the latest HTML5 standards. From Android to iPad, PC to Mac, Windows to OS X, you’ll need just one website. It’s right at the cutting edge of web development and means that businesses can now engage their clients in a single, unique and tailored environment that provides a better and more targeted experience.

With the mobile technology revolution, web design and development has come full circle. No longer is it necessary to build separate sites for specific devices. With responsive web apps and intuitive design, combined with HTML5 and CSS3, we can meet the needs of all mobile, tablet and desktop users. It represents a fundamental shift in how we build websites and the method provides an optimised user experience that’s at the business end of digital advances.

If you’re interested in web and mobile web design, whether you wish to build a new site or develop an existing one, your timing is perfect. Responsive web design and development is the most futureproof and effective way of delivering rich content across all devices without compromising on user experience.

Speak to us about your business objectives and we’ll help to create a digital solution that can help to realise your ambitions.