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High Quality HTML 5 & CSS 3

by Tricia
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In today’s marketplace, websites are the first point of contact most individuals will make with a business. As the adage goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

So regardless of the size and scale of your online activity, your business should be represented by a targeted, well-crafted website that connects with your users and creates those all-important first (and lasting) impressions.

All websites, both web and mobile, share common ground in the form of HTML - the authoring markup language of web pages. With a wide range of formatting capabilities the language forms the very ‘building blocks’ of web pages and dictates the way they are displayed, how websites communicate with servers, and how server-side functions are delivered to the user. Needless to say, the way in which this language is used is a critical function of web design and bespoke development.

HTML 5 Development

What is HTML5? As the nucleus of the World Wide Web, HTML is constantly evolving. HTML5 is the latest revision to the standard which brings a broad range of improvements to web users and browsers, including increased capabilities for mobile devices, enhanced compatibility across browsers and better support for multimedia - tackling the age-old issue of HTML vs Flash.

At webmoco we’re always one step ahead. Which means we are not just integrating HTML 5, but using it to its utmost potential - harnessing its capabilities to develop cutting-edge HTML 5 responsive designs, to design advanced animation features and ultimately deliver a more interactive, engaging experience for users. Whether designing an HTML5 app for mobile or developing a web-based HTML5 application, we’re using the latest development practices to create a more targeted journey for your clients and a more successful outcome for your business.


As the HTML standard advances, so does that of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

CSS3 is the latest standard with many new and enhanced features, and at webmoco we are incorporating these improved characteristics within the development of HTML5 websites. Among the advantages of CSS3 is a modular structure which allows for lighter code, enabling a faster browsing experience with richer, more advanced content capabilities.

For businesses keen to accelerate their online presence, the outcome of these latest releases is a positive one. HTML5 sites offer new possibilities which can enhance your client’s user journey, from web browsing and transactional activities to interacting with mobile applications.

Whatever your website needs, be it a multi-functional e-commerce tool or a simple website for informative purposes, at webmoco we approach each and every requirement with the same ground-up tactics. Before starting to build a website, we first take steps to understand your business, your online requirements and your web-related aspirations. This allows us to carry out thorough analysis, design the user journey and build a website around the needs and objectives of your business.

We use firm foundations to build a rock-solid online presence that’s customised for your business, utilising the very latest language standards and cutting-edge technologies to root your website in the 21st century.

At webmoco we can help you to develop a sound solution for web and mobile that will create not just a good first impression, but the type that lasts.

To find out more about how HTML5 and CSS3 can enhance your online presence, speak to us to explore your ideas and for expert advice on how to make your digital aspirations a reality.