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Choosing the Best Content Management System

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Whether your an individual looking for a blog, an SME or larger company trying to find an enterprise content management system to suit your business, you will need to think carefully about how you and your team want to use your content management software and what features to look for. In this series of articles I'll attempt to outline some key elements that should help guide your decision making.

Part 1 - Introduction

I find a lot of people and organizations use quite vague criteria to help them make this important decision. After all a CMS will be a company’s critical tool for showcasing their products, services and opinions online. It will also be the strategic tool use by the Marketing and SEO functions within a business. So it is worth giving a range of options and suppliers some serious consideration before diving in.

When working with businesses on CMS solutions I encounter a range of selection criteria that may not lead to the right CMS software being selected. I often hear the popularity of some tools being used as the main criteria for selection. Or ‘strategic fit’ where we see Microsoft based organizations err towards SharePoint and Oracle users favouring Oracle UCMS / ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System). Others are ‘my brother uses it for his blog’, ‘it’s free’, ‘their is a plugin that makes that one do it’.

What we'll cover in this series...

In this article I will discuss some of the questions that should be asked when assessing the top CMS systems for suitability. Of course everyone wants to find the best content management system, but I have found organizations small and large who have selected the wrong one in the past and need a replacement. This is often because some of the right questions were not asked up front, so read on...

I'll be writing this series interactively so I may need to come back and tweak articles as the series evolves, please bear this in mind. This series will be available as a pdf when I've finished writing.

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