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Bespoke Software Development - the digital engine room

by Tricia
Fuel your digital engine.

Software development, programming, engineering, coding: it all boils down to the complex process that goes on behind the digital scenes.

It’s everywhere. It’s what makes systems integrate with each other, why websites look the way they do, and how payment confirmations are sent to clients. It’s the digital engine room that makes things work.

At webmoco we’re a software company with our roots firmly wedged in technology. Like everything else we do, our aim is to find the right solution to match your business objectives, however large or small they may be. Sometimes there’s no point reinventing the wheel when an existing product does the job straight off the shelf. But no two businesses work the same and in some cases, you’ll have specific requirements that call for custom software development.

It’s quite common that businesses utilising a packaged product will only scratch the surface, and find themselves paying for add-ons that they don’t really need. Furthermore, many products will fail to integrate with other systems, creating unnecessary ‘workarounds’ or admin tasks. Sound familiar? We can help to provide a more tailored experience for your business by focusing on what’s important. We’ll develop the right tools to fulfil your exact requirements, helping to streamline procedures, save time and improve business efficiency in the process.

For instance, we were asked to develop a solution for a quantity surveyor. Having evaluated the current system, understood how the company works and identified their key requirements, we set about developing a commercial utility tool to help cut down on manual labour. Essentially, the aim was to integrate several independent tools into one simpler, more efficient solution. The result certainly lived up to requirements and cut admin work by 75% - resulting in a cleaner, leaner process.

Business Analysis & Agile Methodologies

Like everything we do, we first need to have a clear understanding of your business. This includes your objectives, getting to know the end user and identifying what you want from the application development work.

At webmoco we use business analysis procedures to gather the required information, evaluate weaknesses in your current system and begin formulating a solution. Throughout the process we harness Agile methodologies. This is a highly successful project management model which offers greater flexibility and transparency.

It’s lightweight, accessible and client-centred. It puts you in the driving seat and allows you to become closely involved in the end-to-end development process. Ultimately, you will have clear visibility of the project and control over what functionality is delivered, when. It’s an important part of how we work and has helped us to develop and successfully deliver projects on time and on budget.

Read more about the use of Agile methodologies at webmoco here.

Bespoke software development is at the heart of webmoco, and we’ve spent years putting together a first-rate team. Our software developers harbour a vast range of skills encompassing all fields of development, from database software engineering and front-end development, to user interface design, system testing and more. And crucially, we make it easy. For those with a little less technical knowledge, we speak plain English too - which means you don’t need to be a software developer to understand how we work.

To find out more about how we work, what we can do and to discuss your requirements, contact our team for expert advice on how to move your project forwards.